Walnut Fixed Blade- VG22

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Walnut Fixed Blade

This Walnut Wood Fixed Blade is a beautiful masterpiece and exemplifies everything someone would look for in a premium knife. To start, the blade is made of Damascus Steel consisting of 1095 and 15N20 steel that has been folded over and over during the forging process to create the intricate designs found in the blade. The handle features a full tang, meaning the blade goes down the whole length of the handle. It’s made of Walnut, America’s most premium and trusted hardwood. Walnut is considered the superior wood for gun stocks and knives because of its stability, lightweight, and ability to absorb recoil.  The beautiful grain patterns are just the cherry on top!

Vintage Gentleman - The Vintage Gentlemen brand was created in 2015 by founder Brandon Higginbotham as a passion for creating quality products that promote a lifestyle of adventure, class, and enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life. Made in the USA

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