Motogadget m.lock

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The m.lock is a contact free digital ignition lock with RFID technology and substitutes mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching feature respectively.

The associated digital key/transponder only has to be approached to the m.lock (switching distance approx. 40-50 mm) and the ignition is switched on or off completely contact free.

The m.lock is based on the latest RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) and therefore, unlike e.g. radio remote controls, tamper-proof. Each key/transponder has a unique digital code. 
The m.lock can be actuated with the correct digital code only.  Key/transponder and m.lock are absolutely free of mechanical wear.
The m.lock switches automotive relays with a possible load of up to 40A - sufficient power for every on-board system.

The hidden mounting of the small m.lock, covered by non-metallic parts like e.g. a plastic side panel, permits completely removing the mechanic ignition lock. Clean look and various design possibilities are guaranteed - especially for custom bikes!

The available option 'Glass Tube' is so small (3 x 13 mm) that it can be sewn into the glove. Please note the reduced switching distance (about 5-10 mm) of the Glass Tube transponder. The 2 included standard keys (teardrop shape) are key fob sized.

All keys/transponders are available as a replacement 'key blank' and can be 'taught' to the desired m.lock. 

NOTE: We do not recommend using the m.lock combined with immobilizers! Contact your dealer/manufacturer for informations about the possible deactivation of the immobilizer.


  • RFID technology is tamper-resistant
  • Each key has a unique code
  • The key first activates the m.lock without touching it and then, via the relay, the entire on-board system
  • Neither key nor m.lock suffer from mechanical wear
  • The key requires no battery - failsafe
  • No overload or scorched pins possible due to indirect switching via the 40 A main relay
  • The m.lock is very compact an can be mounted hidden in many places
  • Water tight and vibration resistant because of the moulded-in construction
  • Depending on the model, key sizes range from very small (key fob sized) to tiny (glass vial) and may be integrated into other objects like gloves, clothing, pendants (NON-METALLIC!) etc.
  • Keys can be easily purchased and 'learned' to any m.lock - your integrated locksmith
  • A switching distance of 4 - 5 cm ensures convenient switching while excluding the possibility of accidental engagement
  • An integrated LED shows the status of the m.lock while mounting, connecting and 'teaching' new keys

Parts delivered

  • m.lock with approx. 50 cm connector cable
  • 1 user key and 1 master key (teardrop shape)
  • 1 automotive relay 12V/40A
  • 4 flat pins with isolating sleeves
  • Connector
  • Removable fuse
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions

**Please note that some Motogadget items can take up to 2 weeks to come in. Please contact us for availability and more information

Specifications and features

Transmitter/receiver, diameter of installed assembly 30 mm
Height 14 mm
Cable length approx. 50 cm
Weight incl. cable approx. 30 g
Fixture 2 x M3 threaded hole on back side
Operating voltage 6V - 18V
Operating temperature -20 °C... +80 °C