Back Road Motor Coffee Co. Sleeper Cabin - Blend (Decaf)

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Sleeper Cabin - Blend (Decaf)

"We believe drinking a Decaf coffee shouldn't mean compromising on flavour and quality. We treat the roasting of our decaf beans with as much care and attention as we do all our other coffees." - BRMC

Always naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, making sure to not compromise on quality and flavour just because you don't want the jitters.

Currently being sourced from Colombia, the Sleeper Cabin blend is carefully chosen to provide the decaf coffee drinker with a well-balanced coffee, that can also hold its own in milk-based drinks.

Brew Method:           Filter / Espresso

Tasting Notes:         Brownie, Candied Pecans, Sweet

Country of Origin:   Colombia

Size: 300g

Style: Whole Bean