GoGo Gear Protective Armored Hoodie

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GoGo Gear Protective Armored Hoodie

Sometimes you just want something you can throw on or just want to be casual when riding. The new GoGo Gear Protective Hoodie is just the thing!

GoGoGearLA’s Unisex Hoodie, shown for convenience in both the women’s and men’s section of the store, is styled as a typical “street” hoodie.  It is not tailored to fit the contoured chest or waist areas. The hoodie is of equal dimension in the chest and waist area so that it is much more of a comfort fit.  When ordering, note the hoodie will and should fit loosely; for a snugger fit, order one size smaller.

There is EU-approved armour padding the back, shoulders and elbows. Dupont Kevlar (aramid fibre) is located throughout the impact areas, specifically, the back of the sleeves and the entire back. The aramid fabric is hidden by a perforated mesh lining, that is used to hold the protective pads (armour) in place.  The Dupont Kevlar and mesh linings are sewn to the outer layer which is made of heavy-duty sweatshirt materials.