Lowbrow Customs- Fuel Reserve Bottle and Carrier Combo

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Fuel Reserve Bottle and Carrier Combo

This combo is for the Lowbrow Customs Fuel Reserve Bottle AND Reserve Bottle Carrier! The Lowbrow Fuel Reserve Bottle Holds 30 fl. oz. (887 ml) of fuel. These are ultra light, seamless extruded aluminum with a lacquered interior for superior durability and protection. These are NOT water bottles! O-ring sealed cap. Height 10-5/8 inches and Diameter 3-1/8 inches.

The Fuel Reserve Bottle Holder is made of ballistic nylon and securely cradles your fuel bottle with two heavy-duty velcro straps and a cord closure at the top. Two more nylon and velcro straps are included and will affix your fuel reserve bottle securely to your front forks, sissy bar, or anywhere else you see fit. The prototype was tested on a cross-country, 3,000 mile jaunt with no issues at all, and came in handy multiple times.