Lowbrow Customs Narrow Sporty Frisco Gas Tank 2.5 gallon

Lowbrow Customs Narrow Sporty Frisco Gas Tank 

The Narrow Sporty Frisco Tank is the amalgamation of steel and chopper style with undertones of a MoCo heritage (that's Motor Company, or Harley-Davidson for you uninitiated!). This custom gas tank holds approximately 2.5 gallons and will give your bike style for miles. It is based on a highly modified frisco-mount Sportster gas tank, perfect for custom bikes, bobbers and choppers.

-One-piece stamped 16-gauge steel top and bottom
-TIG welded tank seams and mounting tabs
-Lathe-turned, hand-brazed threaded steel cap bung
-Vented, aluminum, 1-5/16"-12 thread gas cap (included)
-Hand-brazed fuel bung accepts Harley-Davidson style 22mm petcock

This tank comes with a 1-5/16"-12 thread filler cap. There are a variety of custom style oil and gas tank caps sold separately, including brass, aluminum, and cast aluminum styles from brands such as Lowbrow Customs, Mooneyes and LC Fabrications. You can easily change up the style and look of your bike with a different filler cap. Please note that there are both vented and unvented caps, the Narrow Sporty Frisco Gas Tank needs a vented cap to work properly.

Note: It is highly recommended to fit your gas tank to your bike before painting. Check for clearance or mounting issues as different combinations of triple trees, risers, and handlebars may cause clearance issues when turning. Tanks are pressure tested but it is highly recommended that you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance!