Lowbrow Customs-P-Nut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 1.8 gallon

P-Nut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 1.8 gallon

Nothing changes the look of your hand-built custom motorcycle like a new bobber gas tank. The Lowbrow P-Nut Gas Tank is a tidy, 1.8-gallon chopper gas tank based on the old Wassell peanut gas tanks available for custom bikes in the 1950's - 70's. They hadn't existed except as relics found on eBay or swap meets, overpriced for an old tank that is rusty, crusty, and likely needs work to repair leaky seams. In addition, the heavy gauge (1mm, approximately 19 gauge) steel used on the P-Nut Tank is much thicker, and the fabrication much higher quality, than the originals. The Mid-Tunnel P-Nut Tank has a tunnel that runs about midway through the gas tank, bringing your gas tank higher off the backbone than the Original (deep tunnel) version.

- Mid-Tunnel, tunnel runs midway through the gas tank
- Two 1/4 inch NPT petcock bungs
- Filler accepts a Harley-Davidson style thread-in gas cap  (not included)

The P-Nut Tank is intended for use on custom motorcycles, be it a bobber, chopper, cafe racer, vintage motorcycle or fresh off the showroom floor. This gas tank features two 1/4" NPT petcock bungs and undrilled mounting tabs for custom installation, and will accept a Harley-Davidson style thread-in gas cap (not included). Most people drill holes in the backbone of their frame, weld some blind threaded tophat bungs in place, and bolt the tank down using some leather washers to cushion between the gas tank tabs and the frame.

Note: It is highly recommended to fit your gas tank to your bike before painting. Check for clearance or mounting issues as different combinations of triple trees, risers, and handlebars may cause clearance issues when turning. Tanks are pressure tested but it is highly recommended that you or your painter pressure test it again before painting; it's cheap insurance!