Motorcycle Engine Necklace - Silver

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Motorcycle Engine Necklace

A miniature replica of one of the most iconic engines ever made, the v twin Panhead. With an outstanding level of detail, none of the original details are overlooked, from the cooling fins on the twin cylinders to the carburetor to the bolts on the engine housing. Saddle up.

Handmade from white bronze & silver plated h: 32mm x w: 29mm with 24" chain

Lost Apostle is a Canadian company that was founded in 2007. From Lost Apostle - Re-invigorating a 6,000-year-old casting method called the lost-wax process, each handcrafted piece of Lost Apostle jewelry is a small sculpture in itself. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail in a continually evolving line of jewelry for the discerning renegade, rebel, and rogue.