Resurgence Gear - Pekev Rider Shirt (Thermal Lined)

Pekev Rider Shirt - Red Plaid


Want to wear a fashionable shirt and have the added comfort of knowing you are protected when out riding? Resurgence! Pekev Rider shirt is just the one for you. The Pekev lining starts at the armholes and goes down to the bottom of the shirt and around the sleeves for maximum protection. D3O CE-rated back, shoulders and elbows protectors are included in the package. Shirt and pant fastening loops are added at the bottom of the shirt. 

Thermal Lined

  • 60% lined with PEKEV™
  • Padded thermal lining
  • Quilted faux silk lining
  • Regular fit
  • Pockets for D3O shoulder, elbow and back armour 
  • Two external and internal chest pockets