First Impressions of the new Pan America and Livewire from Harley-Davidson

We recently took part in the Moto Social Night Market at Blackbridge Harley-Davidson. Al brought out his Ironhead chopper to display in our booth and hung out for the day to lend us a hand. Somewhere along the line he ended up speaking with Scott, a sales associate, at Blackbridge. One thing led to another, and the conversation ended with an open invitation from Scott. Inviting Al and I out to ride some motorcycles sometime. Everyday for the next week Al called me, text me, and came into the store multiple times a day to ask when we were going to go ride some new Harleys. Finally, with a day off coming up, Al made the call to Scott and set it up. 

"These two motorcycles have intrigued me since I first saw the promos Harley released a number of years ago."

With a threat of rain, we got on our motorcycles and hit the road for the 40 minute commute to Blackbridge Harley in Cambridge Ontario. Just a short fly down the highway, to the expressway and then one more short jump on the 401, and we were there. Scott was there to meet us and get us set-up on a 2021 Pan America and 2020 Livewire. We picked these motorcycles because they were completely different than anything either Al or I have ever ridden. The two motorcycles have intrigued me since I first saw the promos Harley released a number of years ago. Neither of them are motorcycles that I would look at if I was shopping for a new bike, but that was all the more reason for us to take them out and see what we thought of them. 

Al started out on the Pan America. It only took a few minutes for him to fall in love with it! The more I talked about us switching motorcycles at our halfway mark, the more I could tell that he had no intentions of getting off of the Pan America. The Livewire took a bit of time to get used to. It's so strange not have a clutch! Like a phantom itch in an amputated limb, I kept reaching for the left hand lever that wasn't there. Once I finally got more comfortable with not having to shift gear, it was all about the fun. We flipped both motorcycles into 'sport mode', twisted the throttles, and enjoyed the back roads!

Our video isn't a "review" of these two machines. It's just our impressions of them during our joy-ride. I will say this. If you look at either of these motorcycles and think that they aren't for you. Then you need to go take them out for a rip!

"We flipped both motorcycles into 'sport mode'. . . and enjoyed the back roads!"

Thank you to Scott and Blackbridge Harley-Davidson for giving us the opportunity to get in some saddle time on a pair of incredible motorcycles!


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