About Us

Hi Folks,

Jeff and Lindz here!  Thanks for your interest in us and our shop!  Motorcycles have been apart of our lives for as long as we can remember.  Old, new, stock, custom, you name it.  

It's hard to believe this amazing journey started 4+ years ago.  Our doors opened August 4, 2017 and we haven't looked back!

Our vision was to offer a hub for the community, a place to bring like minded people together over the love of motorcycles and all engines.  We also wanted to focus on bringing hard to find items to a local and Canadian marketplace.  I think we have all been burnt buying gear or parts online that seemed like a great deal but didn't fit, broke or was junk.

Enter PCM :)

Jeff loves building and customizing bikes.  He has had several projects over the years and is currently working on a couple including '79 XS 650 with a springer front end, hardtail and a wicked high tunnel custom tank

Lindz loves riding period.  She rides sport, curiser, custom and vintage British.  Don't ask her which one is her favourite though ... it's a tough call.  She is also very excited to have a platform to showcase female riding gear and culture including ladies socials and rides to bring the community together.

We are so excited to be apart of the growing motorcycle community and look forward to meeting you!

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Mission Statement: support the Ontario motorcycle culture by curating the gear, apparel, and parts that are loved but not easy to find in Ontario


Business Philosophy: to offer high quality items, promote local businesses and be an active presence within the Ontario motorcycle culture and community