s100 Polishing Soap

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Polishing Soap

The perfect weapon in that fight against dulling and tarnishing for larger areas.  This just might be the world’s fastest way to polish!  Forget the slow, tedious two-finger polishing you know and step up to a handful of polishing power.  Based on a technology used by European silversmiths, this clay and soap-based polish is applied with a wet sponge (included).  Wet the sponge, drag across the Polishing Soap and scrub the surface.  Rinse with a hose or let dry and buff out.  No smelly, oily residue and a speed that will amaze you.  Pipes, fork tubes, wheels, case covers etc. get shined up in a fraction of the time it used to take.  Economical, too.  Outlasts a couple of tubes of ordinary polish.  (Not recommended for painted or anodized surfaces.). Dozens of uses around the home are described in the booklet included.

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