TJ Brutal Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Chrome
TJ Brutal Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Chrome
TJ Brutal Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Chrome

TJ Brutal Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Chrome

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Magnus V Upsweep Exhaust - Fits Honda Shadow VT600 VLX600

The Magnus V exhaust pipes for the Honda Shadow VLX600 are a simple yet bold descendant of the classic up-swept exhaust of chopper years past. You live your life marching to the beat of your own drum, hell, maybe you even built that drum, and you like it that way! So why should your bike be anything less?  With the throttle screwed in, the only sounds are the wind and the dull rumble of your exhaust pipes. Pure living and inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes the past inspires us to recreate and adapt its cues of style to our lives and our rides. 

Fits all years of VT600, VLX, and Steed.


  • 16ga steel tubing
  • TIG-welded construction
  • TJ Brutal Customs DOM exhaust bosses
  • 3/8" thick steel collars
  • Does NOT include exhaust gaskets


Made from 16 ga, 1.75" mild steel tubing and TIG welded by the pancake-batter-white, expertly trained hands of a Honda Chopper Geisha (Not really; they're actually welded by a sweaty, tattooed, bearded dude, named TJ, and he is nowhere near as elegant as a geisha). This exhaust is the perfect fit for the individually-styled, chopper-purist rider or the fan of simple exhaust style. 

The ends are a straight cut which allows you to customize with fishtails, mufflers, baffles, or feathers....whatever tickles yer pickle, man! Installing baffles will give the bike a bit more of a tame rumble. 

Each set includes exhaust nuts, and a spacer and nut To mount the pipes to the stock exhaust mount. 

**You will need the stock exhaust mounting stud intact on your bike for these to mount. If you hacked it off, (like I did, oops) you can weld a stud or bolt in its place to hang the exhaust. Raw steel pipes WILL rust unless you plate or coat them. 

Disclaimer shit - For race or show use only... Cuz we have to. 

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