Goldtop England The Silk Lined Viceroy Gloves - Black
Goldtop England The Silk Lined Viceroy Gloves - Black

Goldtop England The Silk Lined Viceroy Gloves - Black

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The Silk Lined Viceroy Gloves - Black

The Goldtop England short armoured motorcycle gloves are a truly unique pair of gloves, combining the luxury of silk with the durability of leather, resulting in a tighter fitting pair of gloves designed for ultimate comfort and protection when riding. 

A hybrid half-silk, the half-unlined internal design ensures that these gloves keep you cool on hotter days without becoming sticky and uncomfortable on longer rides, thanks to the addition of beautiful silk between the back of your hand and the glove itself. 

 Protection is provided through a comfort-driven "floating" armoured knuckle, gel-padded fingers and a reinforced palm and finger/thumb area, and with double stitching at all major stress points. These gloves are built to last, whilst your fit is secured in place whilst riding thanks to a ribbed, wrap-around velcro strap. Perforations, in addition to the silk lining, keep you cool, making these perfect for hot weather, Summer riding on or off-road!

Supplement your gloves with Goldtop Water Repellent Ducks Wax in order to give these gloves a darker, richer look and feel. The Water Repellent Ducks Wax will also help preserve and maintain these gloves, whilst keeping most of the water out, but with these being perforated sure won't keep it all out!

Don't forget a jar of Goldtop Water Repellant Balm to keep and protect these gloves


  • 1.0 mm hand-waxed aniline cowhide leather
  • Single hide palm and perforated rear styling and no split fingers!
  • Floating knuckle design for ultimate comfort on longer journeys
  • Hybrid unlined palm with a 100% silk lined upper section
  • Reinforced lower palm and finger/thumb
  • Ribbed velcro fastening
  • 5 strand cotton thread stitching throughout


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