Biltwell Macho Negro Seat Hinge - Black

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Macho Negro Seat Hinge - Black

Overview: This investment-cast stainless steel seat hinge from Biltwell may very well outlast the rest of your motorcycle. Cast in stainless steel and polished, it fits all solo seat pans with protruding hardware in the nose. Two long slots provide a broad range of fore/aft adjustability. This seat hinge features a steel frame bung with self-lubricating bronze pivot bushings. Finished off with a chrome-plated shoulder bolt to fasten the unit to your moto.

• Black electroplated finish
• Raw steel frame bung w/ bronze bushings
• Cast Biltwell logo
• Chrome shouldered Allen bolt included

Install Tip: For added insurance, use a drop of your favourite threadlocker when installing the pivot bolt.

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