Custom Peanut Gas Tank for Honda Shadow VT750 ACE 1998 - 2003

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Custom Peanut Gas Tank for Honda Shadow VT750 ACE 1998 - 2003

This hand made, custom bobber fuel tank for the Honda Shadow VT750 ACE 1998 - 2003 is the fuel tank of choice for those looking for quality. Perfect for your Honda Shadow Bobber or chopper.

Buy it nice, or buy it twice. This Honda Shadow VT750 ACE Gas Tank is different in every way. 

  • Thick Steel: Most other hack job gas tanks that are made for the Honda Shadow VT750 ACE, are made of steel that is too thin to withstand the vibration of this engine size and therefore end up cracking and leaking and destroying your expensive paint job. We know. We have tested them and decided we wanted to make a fuel tank for your Honda Shadow bobber that was far superior.
  • No Fabrication Required: We also wanted to make this Honda Shadow gas tank available for those who are not fabrication masters. It is 100% Bolt on, no drilling or fabrication required, but we do recommend using loc-tite on the mounting bolts. 
  • Anti-Leak Proprietary Gas Cap: This tank unlike any other features our proprietary anti-leak breathable low profile gas cap.
  • Perfect Fitment: The TJ Brutal Customs, Custom Peanut Gas Tank sits perfectly on the backbone of your bike, is made by hand and will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a gas tank for your Honda Shadow VT750 ACE that will fit your bike right, and is built to last, you just found it. 

Tank Dimensions: Approximately  16"L, 9.25"W, 8"D
Capacity: Approx. 2.4 gallons+-


  • TJ Brutal Customs Vented aluminum gas cap
  • Fuel line
  • Barbed fuel fitting
  • Mounting hardware
  • Tanks are not lined. We recommend using Red-Kote!


**Note:  To prevent spillage from fuel expansion and vibration, do not overfill, fill within about an inch from the filler neck.  We also recommend using T-tape on all plumbing threads. You do need to line these tanks. They will rust eventually and then you will be big time sad when the gas starts to ruin your sexy 1800$ paint job from the inside out. This Honda Shadow VT750 bobber fuel tank WILL NOT fit any other models. If you are unsure about what model you have, please refer to the images for an example of the ACE backbone. This is simply the best Honda Shadow custom bobber fuel tank you can get. 

Guess I have to say this - These tanks are raw steel. If you dont paint them, they will rust.