K&S Universal Mini LED Flasher Relay

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Universal Mini LED Flasher Relay

DOT & E-Mark Flasher Relay with an ultra-compact design specifically made for LED Turn Signal applications. Simple to install, two-wire relay can be used to replace the OE flasher or for custom builds. A simple and affordable solution to eliminating “Fast Flashing” when installing LED Turn Signals. When installing the Universal Mini LED Flasher Relay there is no need to install In-Line Resistors, and because of the compact design, it can be hidden for a cleaner look.


Flasher Relay design to eliminate the “Fast Flashing“ mode encountered when installing LED turn signals on motorcycles.


Max. Operating Voltage: 16V Min. Operating Voltage: 8V Max. Operating Amperage: 2A Min. Operating Amperage: .065A

Weight and dimensions:

Fitment Net weight: .2 oz. Universal Gross weight: .9 oz. Dimensions: 7/8” x 3/8” (Length x O. Diameter) Color: Black Wire: 4” wire length per side. Quantity per package: 1 Flasher