Kreem Combo Kit - Tank Repair

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Combo Includes:
1 - Pint Kreem Tank Liner
1 - Pint Part "A"
1 - .5 Pint Part "B"

Kreem Fuel Tank Liner is designed for use as a preventative maintenance product in metal and fiberglass tanks, new or old: containing gasoline, gasohol, or diesel. Kreem Fuel Tank Liner has a unique formulation with extremely rapid set-up, that arrests corrosion, prevents leakage from hairline cracks and seam pinholes by coating the tank’s inner surface with a fuel resistant elastomer. Kreem Fuel Tank Liner contains titanium dioxide which gives a high degree of light reflectance to aid in visual inspection of the tank’s interior during application.

With the advanced formulation of Kreem, you will receive better adhesion qualities and a smoother coating with even faster set-up time. This advance formulation has been developed and tested to withstand most octane boosters. Feel confident using gasohol in your tank with Kreem Fuel Tank Liner as methyl or ethyl alcohol have no effect on the coating.

Kreem Tank Prep is a two component system. The A-Wash will remove any grease or oil film and etch the tank’s inner surface. The B-Wash will aid in this step, plus remove any water still remaining in the tank. The B-Wash also acts as a primer for the Kreem Fuel Tank Liner, so begin the application process immediately.