Motogadget m.blaze edge
Motogadget m.blaze edge

Motogadget m.blaze edge

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m.blaze edge

The m.blaze edge by motogadget is a 3in1 bolt-on turn signal in a visionary design. It's a turn signal, rear light and brake light in one housing. 

Using the motogadget TranzLight® Technology the light of the power LEDs is precisely controlled and emitted. The exclusively developed IntensiLED® System provides the highest and constant light intensity. 

The metal housing and the PMMA lens are designed with CAD software by free-formed surfaces. 

The cutting-edge design is oriented to modern automotive luminaires and establishes new dimensions in the motorcycle market. The m.blaze edge is available plated in Chrome and Dark-Chrome. 

The m.blaze edge has an E-mark as a rear turn signal, as a rear light, and a brake light. The turn signal can be installed like any other LED turn signal with power resistors or all of our load-independent flasher relays (m.flash, m.wave, m.stop, m.relay+). 

Please order always a right and a left turn signal when used as a pair.

Parts delivered

  • A 3in1 turn signal for the rear, left, or right side
  • M8 thread and nut
  • 4 x 65 cm length of cable
  • 4 cable end clamp
  • Installation instructions

Specifications and features

Total length w/ thread 92 mm
Length w/o mounting thread 54 mm
Height 20 mm
Weight 55 gr