Motogadget mo.blaze tens4
Motogadget mo.blaze tens4
Motogadget mo.blaze tens4
Motogadget mo.blaze tens4

Motogadget mo.blaze tens4

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mo.blaze tens4 

The mo.blaze tens4 from motogadget is the smallest blinker with position light in the world.

Its tiny dimensions and the reduced design make it almost disappear on the vehicle. As soon as it lights up, thanks to the IntensiLED® Technology, it is extremely bright and definitely cannot be overlooked.

At the same time, the additional side beam angle ensures the best visibility and safety.

The add-on blinker with position light has ECE approval as a front direction indicator. The aluminum housing is CNC milled and available in black anodized or high-gloss polished versions.

The flasher can be operated like any common LED flasher with load resistors or all of our load-independent flasher relays (mo.flash, mo.wave, mo.stop, mo.relay +). To match the mo.blaze tens4, we offer the mo.blaze tens3 as a 3in1 turn signal for the rear.


  • extremely small aluminum housing
  • ECE approval, no registration or similar necessary
  • increased visibility and safety thanks to an additional side beam angle
  • maximum luminosity thanks to the latest high-performance LED technology (IntensiLED®)
  • Electronic voltage conditioning through 330kHz clocked, IC-controlled constant current source and safe protection electronics
  • the fastening thread is standard M8. Therefore no mounting adapter or special heat sink nuts are necessary

scope of delivery

  • Single add-on blinker mo.blaze tens4 with thread M8
  • Nut M8
  • 3 push-lock cable connectors
  • installation Guide

For use as a pair, please order two turn signals with a position light for the front.

Specifications and features

Total length with thread 29 mm
Length without attachment thread 11 mm
Largest diameter 11 mm
Cable length approx. 110 cm
Weight with cable approx. 20 g
Attachment M8 threaded bolt
Power consumption approx. 3/1 watt