TJ Brutal Bolt-On Battery Box - Fits 8 Cell Antigravity Battery

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Bolt-On Battery Box - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX - Fits 8 Cell Antigravity Battery

This bolt-on battery box for the AG801 small case 8 cell Antigravity battery is the perfect fit for your Honda Shadow bobber build! You can bolt these on anywhere they will fit on your bike! Made of .125" (1/8") thick steel, this battery box is built for a long life. Two drain holes in the bottom ensure that any moisture that's collected can get out. I know many of you Shadow owners don't have access to a welder, but almost anyone can get their hands on a simple drill and some bolts!


  • 1.25" thick mild steel 
  • Approx 4.5" Length x 2.5" Width x 3.75" Height
  • 3/8" mounting holes
  • drain holes

This battery box will work great if you are getting rid of all your stock electronics and using one of the TJ Brutal Bolt-on E Tanks!! The battery box easily bolts in by drilling 2 holes in the forward tube of your swingarm, all the way towards the right side of the bike, away from the chain. Then attaching the box with 2X 3/8"-16 bolts. Be sure to use loc-tite or locking agent on the threads. 

This fits a Honda VLX VT600 88-07 but may fit other bikes. For other bikes, you would need to check the specs for fitment compatibility.

Antigravity 8-Cell Battery Box Approx- 4.5" Length x 2.5" Width x 3.75" Height approx (to the top of the terminals). This box is for the Antigravity 8-cell small case batteries, not for OEM batteries.