TJ Brutal Customs Solo Seat Kit for Bobbers and Choppers

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Solo Seat Kit for Bobbers and Choppers

These seat pans are made from 10ga steel so don't worry, you won't be stuck with a warped or bent seat! The hinge is of equally excellent quality, laser-cut stainless steel with machined aluminum as are the 3" chrome barrel seat springs, and the weld-on seat spring posts which come with leather washers and R clips to retain the springs. To install, some welding is required to mount the seat spring posts but the mounting of the hinge itself just requires bolting it into the rear tank mount threaded hole. 

Solo Seat Kit Standard Specs

  • Length - 14"
  • Width - 10.5"
  • 10ga Steel
  • 5" scoop
  • Standard bolt pattern
  • Seat spring bolt holes are 6" C2C

 Each Solo Seat Kit Standard Includes:

  • 1 Standard Solo Seat
  • 4 Carriage Bolts and Nuts
  • 1 Bolt-On Seat Hinge
  • 2 Chrome 3" Springs
  • 2 Machined Mild Steel Weld-On Seat Spring Posts
  • 2 Seat Spring Retaining R-Clips
  • 2 Seat Spring Post Leather Washers
  • 2 Seat Spring Retainer Washers

**All Solo Seats will now be sold with the carriage bolts not welded in. Often times the bolts that retain the springs will break with time, pressure, and vibration. When this happens and your seat bolts are welded in, you have to cut out the old bolt, find someone to weld in a new bolt. With the carriage bolts left without welding, you can easily drop new bolts in to replace corroded or broken bolts! The square shank of a carriage bolt prevents the bolts from rotating in their holes! **