XSCHARGE™ -  XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA
XSCHARGE™ -  XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA
XSCHARGE™ -  XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA
XSCHARGE™ -  XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA

XSCHARGE™ - XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA

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XS650 Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit PMA (Fits All Years)

  • 200 Watts of charging output.
  • Ability to run with or without battery. (with additional capacitor kit)
  • Solid state design with no wearing parts.
  • Permanent magnet requires no power to charge.
  • Factory style connectors, no cutting of your stock harness is required.
  • Includes step-by-step instructions and hardware for an easy install.

The weakest point of a Yamaha XS650 is the charging system. As your bike is now 30 to 40 years old, your stock components have had plenty of time to deteriorate from several factors including vibration, moisture, and just old age. It is just a matter of time before one or more of the components are going to fail you and leave you stranded.

The major downfall to having a stock charging system is that it uses an electromagnet to produce voltage to charge your battery. Your XS650 must have a good charged battery to run, spark, and charge. So if for any reason your battery becomes depleted (you forget to turn off your key, you have a loose connection, or the battery just goes bad) you will be stranded whether you try kickstarting your bike or not.

This all is eliminated with the permanent magnet alternator kit. Your bike does not use an electromagnet in your alternator therefore you won’t get stranded if your accidentally leave your lights on or your battery goes dead.

Another downfall to all stock XS650 charging systems is that they use carbon brushes to send voltage to your rotor, over time these brushes wear down causing your bike alternator to lose contact with the rotor and your bike will fail to charge your battery. With the permanent magnet alternator there are no wearing parts, so you will have a maintenance free charging system.

Another downfall to the early model XS650's is that you have a separate rectifier and regulator on your bike, the regulator operates on an old "points" style system. Eventually the regulators will fail because of wear in the moving parts and old age. The permanent magnet alternator comes with a new solid state combined rectifier/ regulator (no moving parts to fail) that looks much cleaner and will outperform and outlast the original Yamaha equipment.

One great advantage of this kit is that it will allow you to eliminate your battery from your system (and replace with a capacitor) for an ultra clean look.


The kit comes with detailed installation instructions with photos and it is an easy 2 wire hook up (just hook the positive red wire to your battery positive and the negative green wire to your battery ground).

Fits 1970-79 XS650 with OEM points ignition (or Cam-Timed Ignition systems such as XSCHARGE or Boyer Brandsen).

It will also fit 1980-83 models running Aftermarket Cam-Timed Ignition Systems such as XSCHARGE or BOYER